Normally, i don't write on my blog, but this time our good friend Harpoon needs our help,
Hey dudes,
Harpoon isn’t very good at using the old computer for this kind of stuff, but if you didn’t know he’s a high school teacher at Diamond Bar high and his students made it into the top 50 out of 1400 for a Vans Shoes art contest. If they get into the top 5 they get to go to NYC to try for the win!
They need votes and If you can vote and also please post this on your blogs or facebook, etc. The voting closes on Sunday so time is short.
There’s a picture of their work attached, here’s the link to vote:
Harpoon isn’t at the computer today, he’s taking his students to the street art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, but you can text him if you have any other questions, 909-753-8579

Good luck bro !!!

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