While browsing the web for some new bikes to steal for my blog I came across with this fantastic VT600, and immediately pounced down on its builder Marcos Vazquez who was very kind and answered all my questions. So here is our first interview.

SB:What does building bikes mean to you? MV: Building and designing bikes is my dream since childhood, and then it could get. I always try to give that personal touch, with a design different from the rest and that I and my clients take the bike to your taste and a unique design and finishes so if functional so they can drive every day and not just the end week.

SB: What bike(s) do you ride? MV: My bikes are currently driving an 90's HD Springer, a Kawasaki VN800 and a Yamaha SR250, plus occasional driving a Kawasaki ZXR750 1992 that stole to my brother in law.

SB: What is the perfect bike like? MV: Which allows me to drive every day and enjoy it.

SB: What does riding a bike mean to you? MV: Driving to me is to enter a state of relaxation and enjoy the freedom it provides, only the road, engine noise and exhaust and my thoughts.

SB: If you could choose one motorcycle in the world which one would you choose? MV: Honestly, I have no predilection for any particular model. For my hands have been plenty of bikes and each of them have given me different and unique sensations.

SB: What was the strangest problem you had to face during your carrier? MV: For me there aren't problems, are trying to overcome challenges in the best way possible. But above all the intention to convince my customers do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a bike to feel comfortable less is more.

SB: Which is your favourite own-built bike? MV: My Springer and VN800 that is currently in process.

SB: Tell us about your new bike. : MV: About this bike, custom made us a girl who wanted to give it a different bike as the original model but it serves to drive every day without any problems. Each and every one of the pieces are handmade and exclusively for this bike, from the smallest cap to the fuel tank. Base is a little used in Spain for their displacement and that no one had dared to put hand to leave a bobber in pure Japanese style, and I think we've done and congratulations to the girl, customers and friends make me feel we did a good job.

SB: Finally, please tell us a few words about your business. MV: About my business, besides being a dealer in Spain for world recognized brands such as MOONEYES, EASYRIDERS JAPAN, HIPPY KILLER, LOWBROW CUSTOMS, CHOPS76, etc. .. always try to approach and make known to all my Spanish clients and the rest of the world, products that until now were completely unknown in this country, in Europe and anywhere in this planet, and good work has been recognized for all of them and even brands of whom I am a distributor, as being the first Spanish guest of honor at one of the biggest shows of the world, held in Yokohama by MOONEYES and this bike, VT PINK FLAKE, was also the first release published on its Facebook group. We are currently involved in several projects and collaborate with the magazine "El Diablo Magazine" and organize the best show on Spanish territory, the Speed Fest, which last year brought together over 10,000 visitors!